Notice for Participants on Matters Concerning Semi-finals and Finals

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Notice for Participants on Matters Concerning Semi-finals and  Finals

        The  semi-finals and finals of the 2018 First Hengqin Scientific and Technological  Entrepreneurship Competition will be held at Inno-Valley in Hengqing, Zhuhai on  Dec. 15th -17th, 2018 (Beijing Time). This notice on  concerning matters is hereby issued in order to update participants on details  of reimbursement of transportation expenses, lodging and dining during the


Time:    Check in:    Dec. 14th, 14:00-20:00

             Competition:    Dec.15th (Semi-finals)             Dec.17th (Finals)

Location:   Check in:Chime Long Yinghai Hotel Apartments (Address: No.1, Caihong Road, Hengqin  New Area, Zhuhai)

                  Competition: Hengqin Inno-Valley (Address: No.1889, Huandao East Road,Hengqin New Area, Zhuhai)

Participators:    Each  project needs to be represented by a founder along with at least a key team  member both in semi-finals and finals.


1.     Reimbursement can be demanded on transportation expenses (except for tolls  and fuel charges) of participants. (Only second-class tickets of no more than 2  persons will be   covered).Airport/train station/port pick-up/drop-off services  will also be arranged (see Appendix 1), and participants should pay for the  excess if their expenses outnumber the designated amount of each service. The  reimbursement limit is RMB 6000 for each international participants and RMB  1000 for each domestic ones and any excess should be paid by participants.  

2.     Reimbursement demands  should be made at 9:30-19:30 on Dec. 14th -17th, and  required documents should be given to the ticket enquiry counter in Chime Long  Yinghai Hotel Apartments. Overdue demands will not be accepted.

Lodging & Dining:

1.      Double rooms (with breakfast) will be provided for free. Only two males or  females are allowed to stay in one room. Anyone who requests to switch room  should pay the money it needs. Any other cost created during the stay should  also be paid by the participants.

2.      Free meals will be arranged for no more than two persons from each project,  and participants should pay for the excess if their numbers exceed two. 

3.      Free stay from Dec.14th to 15th  and free meals on Dec.15th will be offered to semi-finals  participants and those who had made it to the finals can stay and take meals  for free from Dec.16th -17th.

Those details are listed for the perusal and  compliance of all participants. For any questions please contact Chu Ping at 18117627515 or, or Wei Jingwen at 18289791980.



                                                                                                                                                              The Organizing Committee of the Competition

                                                                                                                                                                                          December 4, 2018

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