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The Shanghai Presentation Session Held for the 2nd China (Hengqin) Scientific and Technological Entrepreneurship Competition – Focusing on "China Chips"

Announcer:The Organizing Committee Browsing: Release time:2020-07-03

On the afternoon of July 3, 2020, the 2nd China (Hengqin) Scientific and Technological Entrepreneurship Competition & PEdaily Salon – "China Chips" Venture Capital and New Opportunities Presentation, sponsored by Zero2IPO Group and PEdaily and co-organized by Commerce Bureau of Hengqin New Area and Zhuhai Da Heng Qin Development Co., Ltd. and supported by NeuHelium, was successfully held in Shanghai. The event brought together representatives from more than 70 institutional investors and companies, with positive responses.

In recent years, Chinese government constantly issued relevant policies to drive industrial progress in order to establish a self-controlled, secure and reliable semiconductor industrial system. In this regard, Shanghai has been driving the transformation of technical results to improve its industrial layout, with focus on "China chips". Similarly, Hengqin is to accelerate the growth of IC and chip design industrial clusters by improving its core competitiveness to attract Shanghai companies to invest in Hengqin.

This session invited Wang Di, Investment Vice President of PreIPO, and Sun Hailong, Investment Vice President of Walden International, to share and discuss the investment and development opportunities in the IC and chip field. In his keynote speech "IC Investment Opportunities Posed by New Applications and Technologies in the Chip Industry", Wang Di talked about the development trends and investment opportunities in this industry from the perspective of new applications and new technologies. Sun Hailong, in his speech titled "Investing in Semiconductor Equipment: the Long-term Principle", noted the reason why he was optimistic about China's semiconductor industry and the importance of long-term investment. At the roundtable, Wang and Sun had an in-depth discussion on the opportunities posed by technologies such as 5G and AI to IC companies, the impacts of COVID-19 to China's IC and chip sector, the biggest challenges faced by IC companies, and investment difficulties of IC companies.

During the presentation process, the investment invitation staff of Zhuhai Da Heng Qin Development Co., Ltd. introduced in detail the Competition and the investment policies of Hengqin New Area, and expressed the hope that the Competition would attract more teams with innovative technical results and strong capabilities of industrialization to develop in Hengqin. Da Heng Qin Development Co., Ltd., as an important integrated service platform for industrial development and talent pooling in Hengqin New Area, will provide premium projects with the optimal industrial and talent policy support in terms of business investment, project implementation, commercial affairs and consulting.

Currently, the 2nd China (Hengqin) Scientific and Technological Entrepreneurship Competition has been initiated and is recruiting high-tech innovation projects across the world in four fields, i.e. IC and chip, biomedicine and medical devices, new materials and big data & AI. During the final free discussion time, guests and audience talked on the topics in the four high-tech fields.

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