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Requirements for Registration

Fields of competition

Integrated circuit and chip design, big data and artificial intelligence, biomedicine and medical equipment, and new materials.

Application requirements 

A project applying for the competition shall meet all of the following basic requirements:

(1) The project has innovation and high growth potential. The competition will give priority to the innovation and entrepreneurship teams that have got advanced innovation products, achieved breakthrough in key technologies, and had good industrialization prospect;

(2) The products, technologies and related patents of the project are owned by the project team, and there are no disputes in the property rights;

(3) The project team has a real intention to develop in Hengqin, and it is feasible for the project to settle in Hengqin;  

(4) The project participates in the competition in the name of an enterprise.

Remark: The teams ranking top 10 in the First China Hengqin Scientific and Technological Entrepreneurship Competition are not allowed to participate in the second competition. 

Setting of Macao channel

Macao channel is set during the preliminary competition and the final. The projects in Macao channel shall be sorted separately in the preliminary competition, field investigation, and final. In the grand final, the Macao channel will not be set separately.  

In addition to the above basic requirements, the teams in Macao channel shall also meet one of the following requirements:

(1) The enterprise is lawfully incorporated in the Macao Special Administrative Region;

(2) One of the project incorporators or core team members is a permanent resident in Macao;

(3) The project has cooperation relationship with a national key laboratory established in Macao (the cooperation agreement that the project is still valid prior to the application deadline of the competition shall be provided); 

(4) One of the project incorporators or core team members is an in-service teaching or research staff or a full-time student in a university/scientific research institution registered in Macao;

(5) The project is directly or indirectly invested by Macao enterprise, and the proportion in project shares is not less than 10% (“Macao enterprise” refers to an enterprise incorporated in Macao and actually controlled by a permanent resident in Macao).