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1.Who are the judges of the Competition?
The judges are mainly from institutions of venture capital, industry, and scientific research. The venture capital institutions mainly consist of domestic first-line venture capital institutions, as well as the investment institutions which are in line with Hengqin’s industrial investment direction. The industrial institutions mainly refer to listed companies, the leading enterprises in the industry, and the industrial funds; the scientific research institutions mainly refer to universities and professional research institutes. The judges are composed of venture capital experts, industrial technical experts, and industrial economic experts.


2. In which aspects will the teams be evaluated in this competition?
This competition will evaluate in the aspects of team and project. The evaluation of the team includes the comprehensive quality, background and organizational structure of the team, product research and development, industrialization capacity, and enterprise operation. The evaluation of the project includes the industrialization prospect, the innovation and advancement of technology and product, the industry and market, the integrity of the entrepreneurial elements, the investment made by the venture capital institutions, financial analysis and financing rationality, key risks and problems. Among them, the evaluation of the projects for Macao channel shall also take into account the contribution factors of the project to promotion of the moderately diversified development of Macao economy.


3.Is there a specific schedule for evaluation?
It is intended to publicize the list of 80 projects qualified for the preliminary competition in late March, 2020; to publicize the list of 70 projects qualified for final in early June, 2020; and to hold the final and grand final in mid-July, 2020. The specific date is subject to that released on the official website of the competition.


4.Will the Organizing Committee of the Competition provide training for the selected teams?
The Organizing Committee of the Competition will provide remote training for the selected teams by video before the finals.


5.What are the requirements for participating projects and teams?
The projects shall meet the following basic requirements simultaneously:
(1) The project shall have innovation and high growth potential. The competition will give priority to the innovation and entrepreneurship teams that have the advanced innovation products, achieved breakthrough in key technologies, and have good industrialization prospect;
(2) The products, technologies and related patents of the projects shall be owned by the participating teams, and there are no disputes on the property rights;
(3) The participating team shall have a real intention to develop in Hengqin, and it shall be feasible for the project to settle in Hengqin;
(4)The participating projects in the competition are submitted by the enterprises.
Remark: The winning teams ranking top 10 in the first China (Hengqin) Scientific and Technological Entrepreneurship Competition are not allowed to participate in the competition again.


6. When is the deadline of the competition?
The registration shall be initiated on December 10, 2019 and closed at 17:00 on March 2, 2020. The specific dates shall be subject to those released by the organizing committee of the competition.


7. How to register for the competition?
Log on the official website of the Hengqin Scientific and Technological Entrepreneurship Competition, click on the registration system and submit the complete registration materials to the system via http://www.hqkcds.cn.


8. What material should be submitted for registration? Is there any template or format?
A special form has been attached to the registration system for participants. Please log on the registration system, fill in all information according to the guide, and submit the attachment according to the requirements.


9. Is it necessary to register enterprises in Hengqin New Area before the registration?
The teams are not required to register new enterprises in Hengqin New Area at the early stage and within the period of registration; however, the teams shall participate in the competition as an enterprise. If winning the prize and intending to receive the subsidy, the team shall register and establish the entity enterprise with independent legal person qualification in Hengqin New Area, and such enterprise shall carry out research and development, operation, and other actual business activities in Hengqin, bonded area, and Hongwan integrated area, and make the commitment not to move out or change its tax obligation within 8 years.


10. What are the evaluation standards?
The competition shall conform to the evaluation principles of “fairness, justness and openness” to ensure objective and authentic results. The evaluation shall include the industrial orientation, technological innovations, industrial development prospect and background of the teams.


11. How many awards are set up in the competition?
Only a maximum of ten teams will be eligible for a share of the R&D funds up to 300 million yuan each year. The most outstanding team will be granted 100 million yuan. The rest will comprise two first-grade, three second-grade, and four third-grade teams, each of which will receive 50 million yuan, 20 million yuan, and 10 million yuan respectively. To ensure the project quality of the winning teams, the number of some awards might be decreased, that is, there might be fewer than 10 winning teams at the end.(There is a possibilty of no winners for certain prize.)


12. Are there any rewards for the teams out of top 10?
Any team behind the top 10 will receive a series of professional services provided by the Hengqin Development Limited Liability Company, such as policy consultation, guidance for enterprise establishment and information sharing.


13. Is any specific industry type designated for the projects?
The second competition is intended for the projects with the focus on integrated circuit and chip design, big data and artificial intelligence, biological medicine and medical equipment, and new materials, which shall be feasible for settlement in Hengqin and in line with the industrial development orientation in Hengqin.


14. How to access the latest news of the competition?
You can access the latest information through the official website: http://www.hqkcds.cn and the Official WeChat Account: hqkcds.


15. If our team has more than one project, how to register?
It is suggested that the team choose the most competent project for registration or to integrate these projects.


16. If all materials have been submitted, but later we find some mistakes, how do we fix them?
All materials submitted from December 10, 2019 to 17:00 on March 2, 2020, could be modified at any time, but those materials submitted after the deadline (17:00 on March 2, 2020) and before the end of preliminary competition could not be modified. After the preliminary competition, materials of top 70 projects could be modified and supplemented until they enter the final (The specific deadline is subject to the notice of official website.). From the deadline of information modification to the final, no material shall be modified or supplemented. Please check all materials carefully before submission.


17. How the winning teams receive their results?
The Organizing Committee of the Competition shall announce the results on the official website and contact the winning teams through email and other contact information in their registration materials.


18. Which is the registration entity, the project, the company or the team?
The registration entity shall be an enterprise.


19. As a group company, can different independent subsidiary companies participate in the competition independently?
If the participating projects are different, they can attend the competition independently.


20. Do we need to pay for the registration?
This competition, hosted by the Management Committee of the Hengqin New Area, is a global and public benefit activity about science and technology and entrepreneurship. All participating teams do not need to pay for the competition.


21. What requirements shall the winning teams meet before receiving the subsidy?
The winning teams shall meet the following requirements simultaneously before receiving the subsidy:
1. The winning team shall register and establish the entity enterprise with independent legal person qualification in Hengqin New Area, and such enterprise shall carry out research and development, operation, and other actual business activities in Hengqin, bonded area, and Hongwan integrated area, and make the commitment not to move out or change its tax obligation within 8 years;
2. The winning team shall consist of at least one leader and two core members. The winning team makes the commitment that the intellectual property rights will be filed in Hengqin New Area, and that the main members of the team will work in a full-time manner in Hengqin New Area, Zhuhai for at least three months every year.
3. The winning team shall go through the due diligence by a third-party professional institution;
4. The winning team shall enter into the contract with the Bureau of Commerce of Hengqin New Area, confirm the commitment of indicators made in the process of the competition, and make the plan for the use of the subsidization gratis in research and development expenses.


22. Is it possible that the R&D funds of the winning teams to be appropriated at one time?
The winning teams have to sign project cooperation agreements with the Management Committee of the Hengqin New Area. After fully considering the project schedule, the actual demands of R&D funds and other factors, both parties shall formulate a gratis R&D fund appropriation plan.


23. How does the participating team choose its respective field?
Based on the field that its core technology belongs to.